Empowerment, Experimentation, Engagement: Embracing Partnership Models in Libraries

Authors: Brian Mathews, Stefanie Metko, and Patrick Tomlin

Abstract: Shifting from a transactional model to partnership models, libraries are repositioning themselves as laboratories for exploration, incubators for ideas, and essential collaborators across the teaching, learning, and research enterprises.

What relationship do we want learners to have with their library? This is an essential question for those of us who work as library faculty and staff in higher education. As the information landscape becomes increasingly diverse, complex, and digital, we need to consider the different roles that libraries are embracing. From makerspaces and digital scholarship centers to open-access initiatives, digital library projects, and literacy education, academic and research libraries are engaging with communities in ways like never before.

Citation:  B. Mathews, S. Metko, and P. Tomlin (2018). Empowerment, Experimentation, Engagement: Embracing Partnership Models in Libraries. EDUCAUSE Review 53, no. 3 (May/June 2018). Retrieved from https://er.educause.edu/articles/2018/5/empowerment-experimentation-engagement-embracing-partnership-models-in-libraries.

Source: EDUCAUSE Review