Our Team

Founding editors

Stacy Konkiel is the Head of Strategy at The Idealis and the Director of Research & Education at Altmetric, a data science company that uncovers the attention that research receives online. Her research interests include incentives systems in academia and informetrics, and Stacy has written and presented widely about altmetrics, Open Science, and library services. She also currently chairs the Innovation committee and board of Library Pipeline and is building the Metrics Toolkit. Previously, Stacy worked with teams at Impactstory, Indiana University, UMass Amherst & PLOS. You can follow Stacy on Twitter at @skonkiel.

Contact: email: stacy@theidealis.org | twitter: @skonkiel

Nicky Agate is a founding of The Idealis and Assistant Director, Scholarly Communication and Projects at Columbia University Libraries. She’s interested in open-access publishing models, rethinking the values we reward and promote in higher ed, and she works to expand the definition and recognition of “scholarship” beyond the article and monograph. She serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Librarianship & Scholarly Communication, is a PI on the HuMetricsHSS initaitive, and has just started a term as a member of the Library Publishing Coalition research committee. Previously, she was head of digital initiatives at the Modern Language Association, where she was in charge of Humanities Commons, MLA Commons, and COREShe tweets @terrainsvagues.

Contact: email: nicky@theidealis.org | twitter: @terrainsvagues

Gesina Phillips is a Technical Advisor to The Idealis, advising on developments in open access, publishing technology, and more.

Contributing Editors

Chealsye Bowley, Ubiquity Press and Open Access Button (one-term)
Timothy Bowman, Wayne State University (upcoming)
Jessica Brangiel, Swarthmore College (upcoming)
Dylan Burns, Utah State University (one-term)
Gail P. Clement, California Institute of Technology (upcoming)
Lauren Collister, University of Pittsburgh (one-term)
Kyle Courtney, Harvard University (upcoming)
Kathleen DeLaurenti, William & Mary (one-term)
Nickoal Eichmann-Kalwara, University of Colorado, Boulder (one-term)
Kyra Folk-Farber, UC Santa Barbara (upcoming)
Lisa Gonzalez, Private Academic Library Network of Indiana (one-term)
April Hathcock, New York University (one-term)
Claudia Holland, George Mason University (upcoming)
Annie Johnson, Temple University (one-term)
Rebecca Kennison, Open Access Network/K|N Consulting (upcoming)
Lucy Lambe, The London School of Economics and Political Science (one-term)
Paolo Mangiafico, Duke University (one-term)
Gesina Phillips, Duquesne University (upcoming)
Lillian Rigling, Western University Libraries (one-term)
Simone Sacchi, LIBER (one-term)
Vicky Steeves, New York University (one-term)
Andy Tattersall, University of Sheffield (one-term)
Micah Vandegrift, Florida State University (one-term)
Megan Wacha, City University of New York (one-term)
Dillon Wackerman, Southern Methodist University (upcoming)
Michaela Willi-Hooper, Oregon State University (upcoming)