Wikidata: a platform for your library’s linked open data

Authors: Stacy Allison-Cassin, Dan Scott

Abstract: This article describes and reflects on some of the ways the authors have used Wikidata as a low-barrier method for creating and using LOD in libraries. The platform enables libraries and other GLAM organizations to easily publish LOD for collections and content. There are many pathways to get involved in the Wikidata community. Creating and editing Wikidata can begin with choosing a thematic area related to a collection of interest or group of scholars or individuals. By actively contributing data, creating applications participating in community initiatives and creating documentation libraries can help to improve the quality, impact and sustainability of the platform for libraries.

Citation: Allison-Cassin, S. and Scott, D. (2018). Wikidata: a platform for your library’s linked open data. Code4Lib Journal. Retrieved from


Source: Code4Lib Journal

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