Linking Mathematical Software in Web Archives

Authors: Helge Holzmann, Mila Runnwerth, Wolfram Sperber

Abstract: The Web is our primary source of all kinds of information today. This includes information about software as well as associated materials, like source code, documentation, related publications and change logs. Such data is of particular importance in research in order to conduct, comprehend and reconstruct scientific experiments that involve software. swMATH, a mathematical software directory, attempts to identify software mentions in scientific articles and provides additional information as well as links to the Web. However, just like software itself, the Web is dynamic and most likely the information on the Web has changed since it was referenced in a scientific publication. Therefore, it is crucial to preserve the resources of a software on the Web to capture its states over time.

We found that around 40% of the websites in swMATH are already included in an existing Web archive. Out of these, 60% of contain some kind of documentation and around 45% even provide downloads of software artifacts. Hence, already today links can be established based on the publication dates of corresponding articles. The contained data enable enriching existing information with a temporal dimension. In the future, specialized infrastructure will improve the coverage of software resources and allow explicit references in scientific publications.

Citation: Helge Holzmann, Mila Runnwerth, Wolfram Sperber. (2017). Linking Mathematical Software in Web Archives. arxiv


Citations for Software: Providing Identification, Access and Recognition for Research Software

Authors: Laura Soito, Lorraine J Hwang


Abstract: Software plays a significant role in modern academic research, yet lacks a similarly significant presence in the scholarly record. With increasing interest in promoting reproducible research, curating software as a scholarly resource not only promotes access to these tools, but also provides recognition for the intellectual efforts that go into their development. This work reviews existing standards for identifying, promoting discovery of, and providing credit for software development work. In addition, it shows how these guidelines have been integrated into existing tools and community cultures, and provides recommendations for future software curation efforts.


Citation: Soito, L, Hwang, L. (2016) Citations for Software: Providing Identification, Access and Recognition for Research Software International Journal of Digital Curation 11(2) doi:10.2218/ijdc.v11i2.390