Open access outreach: SMASH vs. Suasion

Author: Jill Cirasella

Abstract: Some librarians became open access (OA) supporters because they were outraged—and budgetarily hamstrung—by certain commercial publishers’ artificially inflated prices. (We know they are artificially inflated, unjustified production costs because these publishers have jaw-dropping profit margins, higher than those of Disney, Starbucks, Google, and even Apple.1) Other librarians were won over to OA by its more altruistic aspects, by the promise of a world rich in knowledge. However, in their outreach to patrons, librarians cannot rely on the arguments that swayed them. What convinced a librarian to embrace OA may not convert a student, a faculty member, or an administrator. Therefore, librarians must consider what rhetoric works on whom and craft different arguments for different audiences.

Citation:Cirasella, J. (2017). Open access outreach: SMASH vs. Suasion,  College & Research Libraries News 78(6).


Source: Open access outreach: SMASH vs. Suasion

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