Loners, Pathfinders, or Explorers? How are the Humanities Progressing in Open Science?

Authors: Erzsebet Toth-Czifra & Ulrike Wuttke

Abstract: Since we believe that Open Science works best when it is well anchored in different disciplinary settings and community practices, we proposed a session in Open Science Barcamp dedicated to Open Humanities in order to start a conversation about:

  • How the values of Open Science manifest themselves in present-day humanities research practices, and how these values help to reassess and reshape our fundamental knowledge creation mechanisms?
  • What good practices are coming from individual disciplines?
  • Does Digital Humanities equal Open Science?
  • What are the barriers for establishing a culture of open sharing in the humanities? Where are the main gaps between positive attitudes towards openness versus actual scholarly practices?
  • What we want the future scholarly ecosystem of the humanities to be?

These questions allowed us to discuss the various pathways to the open research culture as they specifically pertain to research communities in the Arts and Humanities. What follows is a recap of the most interesting discussion points.

Citation:Tóth-Czifra, Erzsébet & Wuttke, Ulrike. ‘Loners, Pathfinders, or Explorers? How are the Humanities Progressing in Open Science?’, 2019. https://doi.org/10.25815/x516-wf239


Source: GenR

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