Leading by Example? ALA Division Publications, Open Access, and Sustainability

Author(s): Hall, Nathan; Arnold-Garza, Sara; Gong, Regina; Shorish, Yasmeen

Abstract: This investigation explores scholarly communication business models in American Library Association (ALA) division peer‐reviewed academic journals. Previous studies reveal the numerous issues organizations and publishers face in the academic publishing environment. Through an analysis of documented procedures, policies, and finances of five ALA division journals, we compare business and access models. We conclude that some ALA divisions prioritize the costs associated with changing business models, including hard‐to‐estimate costs such as the labor of volunteers. For other divisions, the financial aspects are less important than maintaining core values, such as those defined in ALA’s Core Values in Librarianship

Citation: Leading by Example? ALA Division Publications, Open Access, and Sustainability. Nathan Hall, Sara Arnold-Garza, Regina Gong, and Yasmeen Shorish. Coll. res. libr. Accepted: November 10, 2015; Anticipated Publication Date: September 1, 2016


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