The Idealis Launches as Expert-Curated Overlay Journal for High Quality, Open Access Scholarly Communications Research

Librarians and information professionals have countless demands upon their time, yet need to stay current on research and conversations happening in their field. Finding high-quality, relevant publications can be a challenge; and, sadly, finding open access LIS literature is even more difficult. Enter The Idealis: an open access overlay journal for scholarly communication research, curated by the greatest information resource known to humankind–librarians.

“Librarians produce high-quality research in many forms,” explained founding editor Stacy Konkiel, “The Idealis was founded to help recognize and reward “open research” practices like making one’s articles, reports, code, and research data freely available online. A nice side effect of that is that now there’s a single place to go to find the best Open Access scholarly communication research that’s relevant to librarians’ work.”

The Idealis launches this week with an initial focus on scholarly communication research. Content in The Idealis is free to read, curated daily from top publishers and repositories worldwide and includes research in all forms–articles, books, code, data sets, presentations, white papers, and more. As the project develops, The Idealis will be expanded to include other LIS areas of focus like archival studies, #critlib, and liaison librarianship.

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About The Idealis:

The Idealis is an open access overlay journal, featuring high-quality, scholarly communication research curated from across the Web.

Founded in 2016 by Stacy Konkiel, Lily Troia, and Nicky Agate, The Idealis endeavors to reward and encourage high quality, Open Access publishing by and for librarians.

Read a preview from one of our editors, April Hathcock.

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