For Editors

Editorial guidelines for selecting content

Read (and contribute to!) our collaboratively-created editorial guidelines.

Where to find open access content

  • Slideshare
  • DLIST & E-LIS repositories
  • DOAJ
  • Specific journals: JLSC, ITAL, In the Library with the Lead Pipe, Code4Lib, JEP, C&RL,, Journal of Creative Library Practice, Journal of Radical Librarianship, Code4Lib, the Winnower
  • Institutional repositories
  • Figshare & Zenodo
  • Reports, guides, and other content posted to ALA, ACRL, JISC, and OCLC sites
  • Libguides (choosing 1-3 libguides in your area of expertise that you think are the very best)
  • GitHub
  • Any other content shared on listservs, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

How to RECRUIT Toll Access CONTENT

If you find excellent but toll access content that you’d like to feature on The Idealis, you can either:

  • Email the author using this form letter to request that they allow you to post an open access version on the E-LIS repository on their behalf; or
  • Forward the relevant information to the founding editors, who are happy to contact the author on your behalf

To be sure that the toll access content has not already been self-archived, search Google Scholar (currently the most comprehensive search engine that indexes green OA content).

How to add posts to The Idealis

Here’s an easy, illustrated guide to installing and using the PressForward “Nominate This” bookmarklet. This will allow you to draft posts for The Idealis with a single click.

For more details on how to format posts and what information to include, check out this guide.