Archidora: Integrating Archivematica and Islandora

Author: Tim Hutchinson

Abstract: “Archidora” is shorthand for the publicly available integration between the open source software packages Archivematica and Islandora. Sponsored by the University of Saskatchewan Library, this integration enables the automated ingest into Archivematica of objects created in Islandora. This will allow institutions that use Islandora as a digital asset management system, particularly for digitized material, to take advantage of Archivematica’s standards-based digital preservation functionality, without requiring staff doing digitization to interact with Archivematica. This paper outlines the basic functionality and workflow of archidora; provides an overview of the development process including challenges and lessons learned; and discusses related initiatives and possible future directions for development.

Citation: Hutchison, T. (2018). “Archidora: Integrating Archivematica and Islandora.” Code4Lib Journal, 39. Feb 5, 2018.

Source: Code4Lib Journal

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