An annotated bibliography of Digital Scholarship in libraries

Author: Carolyn Moritz

Abstract: This annotated bibliography is to be taken both as a standalone resource and as a supplement to De-Centering and Recentering Digital Scholarship: A Manifesto by authors from Florida State University Libraries Office of Digital Research and Scholarship. The manifesto serves as the culmination of an ongoing conversation surrounding the work behind digital scholarship, scholarly communications, invisible labor, and the role of the library and the librarian within it. This bibliography, divided into Definitions of Digital Scholarship, Digital Scholarship in Practice, and Critical and Progressive Librarianship, provides a collaborative snapshot of many of the voices which have informed our theories and practices.

Citation: Moritz, Carolyn, 2017. “An Annotated Bibliography of Digital Scholarship in Libraries”. LIS Scholarship Archive. October 13.


Source: An annotated bibliography of Digital Scholarship in libraries

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